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We've found a simple,
counter-intuitive way
to improve nearly any challenging situation or thing ...dramatically.

Impact Illustrations

Client Before After
Global Distributor 20 units/month demand 100 units/month demand
Insurance Company Claims 15-day decision | 90 days to onboard Same day decision | 3 days to onboard
Telco Project $7M cost | 13 month duration $360K cost | 3 month duration
Construction Company 14 week ave project duration 8 week ave project duration
Bank Sales 49% of budget 270% of budget
Manufacturer - Production 60 units/day 140 units/day - on lower costs
Software Developer/Integrator 13 month ave project duration 7 month ave project duration
Orthopedic Clinic 2h40 visit duration 0h48 visit duration + increased capacity

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Think it's not possible in your situation?

That's what everyone thinks!

Dramatic improvement insights and solutions are always counter-intuitive - i.e. invisible ... or worse. 

The Key

The key to dramatic improvement is hidden performance levers: small effort > big impact.  The more challenging the situation, the greater the leverage, the more dramatic the impact.

What do you need?

1. Increased Demand (Marketing)

The opportunity in the market is nearly always significantly bigger than the demand we're seeing.  The reason for the disparity is often two-fold: prospective customers are unable to diagnose their need reliably and - even if they are able to - they don't know enough about our offering to choose it, even when they should.

The lever, in these cases, is to disseminate simple highly-tailored self-diagnostics linked into our offering portfolio and targeting prospective customers for whom our offering is ideal and competitive with alternatives.

2. Increased and Accelerated Sales

Reducing sales cycle duration and conversion rates is closely linked to Demand Generation and is actually more about Buy-Cycle Acceleration than Sales Cycle Acceleration.

The trick is to identify the common friction points buying groups face and provide them with surgically focused support in overcoming those friction points.

3. Operations/Production Streamlining

Process and production capacity is always limited by a single bottleneck - and there are a number of ways to relieve the bottleneck long before we need to buy extra bottleneck capacity. (If it was easy and cheap, it wouldn't be a bottleneck.)  If you think that you have removed all bottlenecks but still don't have adequate capacity - the opportunity is even bigger.

Process and production lead-time is the accumulation of time in the process or production journey.  Although relieving the bottleneck will reduce (some of) the wait-time, there are many other hidden levers one can use to reduce this time, at both the physical and cognitive level.

In most challenging environments upwards of 50% increased capacity and 33% reduced lead-time is achievable within a few months.

4. Improved Project|Programme Performance

Which of the hidden performance levers on project performance apply in your situation depend on the nature of your project or protfolio of projects.  The most common levers are: counter-intuitive ways of dealing with task-duration and scope change unpredictability; reducing multitasking; coordinating the prerequisites for each step and; prioritising, staging, sequencing and batching projects.

5. Organisational or Profit/Cost Centre Financial Performance

In most cases one can expect to see a significant increase in sales and reduction in fixed and/or variable costs within the first two or three months.  These gains are the result of activating the appropriate performance levers - some of which are mentioend, above, across the various parts of the business.

6. Enhanced, Accelerated and Streamlined Organisational Change/Transformation

This dimension is a prerequisite element of each of the above services, but the levers we've discovered are so simple and powerful that they can be adapted to suit any change programme.

The primary levers we've identified include leadership, management, engagement, capability, capacity, collaboration and culture levers.

It all comes down to deliberately and systematically catalysing individual and collective intent, capability and confidence - which have their own levers.


1. Online Webinars and Courses

Presenting the most common leverage points and supporting their identification and application within your situation, wherever you are in the world.

2. Public Seminars, Training Session and Workshops

1-2 hour seminars and half-day and full-day workshops open to individuals from different organisations.

3. Private On-Site Seminars, Training Sessions and Workshops

Tailored to your organisation's situation.

4. Dramatic Improvement Recommendations

1-2 week Dramatic Improvement diagnostic and intervention recommendations.

5. Dramatic Improvement Projects

1-6 month projects to help your leadership team improve individual and collective performance and satisfaction dramatically, by helping you find and use the hidden performance levers within your situation.

Get in touch to explore the opportunities for dramatic improvement within your organisation or department...or come along to a Dramatic Improvement Academy Meetup. It's free.

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